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Select Your

Choose the card that most closely matches the thoughts, feelings, emotions or patterns of behaviour you would like to address! 


There are a whole list of Brand new Cards being added at the beginning of September and more to come in the coming weeks and months ahead! 

Any questions you have regarding the cards please feel free to read all of the info on this page and check out the usage page here.

Place Your

Select your card by scrolling through the available Harmony Card Series. When one catches your attention see if any of the keywords relate to you. Each card treats many things, not ALL keywords may relate to you! 

You can wear up to 2 cards at one time in 2 different pockets.

Cards are sent out for shipping Mon, Weds & Fridays. Postage & Packaging from the UK is included in the price!​

Wear Your

Place your Harmony Card into your pocket, vest or bra. Many clients find it most comfortable to place it where they will think least about it during the day. 

Your card has a magnetic field, so it is important to not place your card next to or on your mobile phone or any other electronic devices during the 30 days.

Receive The Change

Over the next 30 days your card will begin to do its magic. Some people sensitive to energy may become aware of the shifts in vibration more rapidly than others.


A desire to remove the card, or resistance to wearing it can indicate you are pushing through the very energies that have been keeping you stuck. Perseverance will out-create this. Once over 50% of the energies have been released any resistance fades away making way for greater Joy to be experienced.

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With the Harmony Card you can now easily select the card to match the outcome you desire and add it to your cart. 

Our Harmony Cards are loaded with powerful energetic healing frequencies to create transformation for your mind, body & soul. Each unique card has been created to defuse undesired, unwanted old stored energy and promote a more calm, peaceful, serene energy field.

These cards are energetically charged with hundreds of vibrational frequencies to enhance and promote greater wellbeing. 

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Choose Our Subscription Service

  • Gold Plan

    Every month
    Let Us Test Your Perfect Card For You For 3 Months
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Month subscription Term
    • Leave Your Wellbeing In Our Hands
    • Let Your Higher Self Lead You
    • Savings of £45 with this package!!
    • Muscle Tested Selection Monthly
  • Best Savings

    Platinum Plan

    Every month
    A personalised designed card made bespoke for you each month
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Month subscription Term
    • Personalised Combination Harmony Cards
    • Bespoke Created For Your Personal Wellbeing
    • Mini Consultation Each Month
    • Let Us Create For You The Perfect Blend to Address Anything
    • Savings of £66 With This Subscription!
Sally J


I’ve been using the Harmony cards now for a few years and love them! I’ve tried a few and my favourite is the “Environmental sensitivity” particularly when I travel. I’m no longer an “anxious traveller “ when I’m wearing my wonderful Harmony Card. I actually enjoy flying now and love travelling as I feel calm and relaxed thanks to the Harmony Card.

Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 1.57.31 AM.png
Kelly Early

Animal Communicator

To say they have changed my world is an understatement, it's like me being even MORE of me... 

After 3 days of wearing 'Potent AF' this is what I wrote to Haylee...

'I'm not too sure how to put this but wearing my bespoke Harmony Card is like me just being ME but on steroids! Sassy, sparkly, sensual potency running through every molecule in my body. And oh the ease! 'Stuff' just doesn't bother me! It's there, but like water off a ducks back, it doesn't touch me!'

Kelly xx

April Day

Massage Therapist

Haylee has been sending me Harmony Cards to the United States for quite some time! They have been accompanying Emotional Detox Therapy sessions which I have adored having and have emotionally supported me in many many ways!! 


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