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Shift Your Frequency Fast! 

Have you ever just wished you could snap out of it? Change a pattern of behaviour? Change the way you feel and raise your vibration more easily?


Well, now you can!

Welcome to the Harmony Card, the easy way to let go of patterns, thoughts, feelings, traumatic events, moods and emotions that no longer serve you!

How does it work?

Whilst the Harmony Card dissipates and releases the energetic root cause, the more dense and intense undesired frequencies and cellular memory, it also simultaneously begins to lighten your vibration and which in turn shifts your mindset! All transformation is taking place via the form of wearing The Harmony Card loaded with complex energy formulas that communicate with the bio-magnetic energy field. 


It's no longer just about changing your vibe to feel good, we have to recognise our vibration is running everything. It's the very starter signal to the universe that invites everything you currently have and everything you are attracting, now and in the future. Changing our vibration by eliminating undesired energy, is the key to shifting into raising our consciousness. 

How do I select my card?

Firstly decide if you would like a personalised card made bespoke for you or if you would like to choose from our collection range. If you would like a pre-made card from our collection just scan through the cards and see which card/cards you are drawn towards.

You can wear up to 2 cards at once should you be aware you require more than one of the cards on offer. 

How long do I wear it for?


The Harmony Card is designed to last for 30 days of continual daily usage from the first day of use. The energies loaded onto the card will be totally absorbed by the wearer by the end of the 30 days use. We ask all adult customers to wear the card for at least 8 hours a day for 30 consecutive days.

Everyday use is essential to carry out the emotional cleansing of your energy system. Any missed days will result in a delayed healing, so if you forgot to pop it on during the day, wear your card overnight instead to ensure you receive the very best result.

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