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"You really have to experience this transformation for yourself...

It's a receive it to believe it product"
~ Haylee Arnold

How does the Harmony Card work?

Simply put it works by using energy healing frequencies! The cards are designed to address the energy of the emotional root cause thats being held at an energetic level. 

Just like a hotel key card gains you entry to a specific room, or a bank card to a specific account. The harmony card is programmed to give you access to a specific set formula of healing frequencies. 

All you have to do is wear the card everyday for 30 days and allow the healing frequencies to move you out of disharmony and into alignment.

The Harmony Card Creator

What is a frequency card?

It’s scientifically proven that certain frequencies affect the subtle energy systems of the chakras, the aura and the meridian systems… 


According to experts certain frequencies can interact with your vibrational energy field to optimise your well-being. This in turn can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 


These unique combination frequency patterns have been designed, encoded and locked onto the harmony cards to assist you to release, shift and change your frequency. With the assistance of the Harmony Card you can let go of what is no longer beneficial to you and at the same time begin to resonate more as a match for what you do desire to be or become… 


It’s like a symphony of frequencies rebalancing , diffusing and re-aligning you with your greatest energetic potential available in the moment… 

How long before I feel results?

General guidance is between one and 10 days. Between days 10 to 30 there is continued support given via the card to maintain your frequency.  Some people report changes in as little as 24 hours, others take longer to sense or receive the shift. 

It really depends on how many layers a person has stored to their stress and how close to the surface it is being held. Resistance or not wearing the card can also delay relief and results. When a situation is diffused by the card and over 50% the problem has been left go of the person tends to feel an even greater sense of relief. 

This is why it's so important to not take breaks in wearing the card and to commit to daily use. Breaks in receiving the frequencies will result in a person stopping the healing process as it was just pushing through those deeper layers of healing. 


Can I share my card with someone else?

Absolutely not, once a card has been removed from its pouch and placed onto a person body it will pick up on the energies of their energy field and begin its healing work. Transferring a card to another person after it has been worn would be like passing on our own personal dirty laundry to another person to wear without washing. It will without doubt be encoded by the other persons energy imprint. 

It's important to keep your card just for your own personal healing journey. 

Can I wear my card for longer than 8 hours?

Our recommended usage is to wear the card for a minimum of 8 hours. If you find that you feel fine at the 8 hour point of a day and either forget or end up wearing it for longer, this will also be fine. Some very sensitive people find that 8 hours are more than enough, hence the guidelines. Many of our existing clients wear their cards for most of the day, as they are now very used to the energy diffusion. 

What are Personalised Cards?

There is a personalised card that is made to address a situation or outcome that isn't listed in the shop. If you require this service you can pop on over to and book yourself an emotional detox therapy session. As part of that session Haylee will design you a bespoke set of formulas just for you! She will help you in a much deeper way by looking at your patterns of behaviour that are contributing to the issue, and identify the direct root cause event or events that need to be addressed. At the end of your session she will create something bespoke for you to assist you in letting go!


Shift Your Frequency Fast! 

Have you ever just wished you could snap out of it? Change a pattern of behaviour? Change the way you feel and raise your vibration more easily?

Well, now you can!

Welcome to the Harmony Card, the easy way to let go of patterns, thoughts, feelings, traumatic events, moods and emotions that no longer serve you!

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