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Do you have something you would specifically like to change?

Did you know you can have a personalised Harmony Card created just specifically for you? We can create you a bespoke pattern of energetic formulas to change the energy in a particular area of your life to assist you to create a more congruent resonance with the energy you desire to live and become a match for... 

There is a deep formulation of multiple patterns that can be created to address what you would like to achieve that will much more closely resonate with your desires when your card is personalised just for you. 

This bespoke tailored creation is now available to you here with the Harmony Card, just tell us what you would like to have, achieve, receive, gain, let go of, transform or change and we will do our very best to tailor the very energetic patterns to assist you at this time. 

In order to purchase this prescription card once we ask that you visit our sister site below to place your order and book a mini consultation with Haylee on the below button. Otherwise you can take advantage of our subscription service that gives you an amazing discount for signing up for 3 months!

If you desire to address more than one area of your life you can purchase more than one card to transform more than one area.


We have created many personalised formulas for our clients here are a few of them.
This is not an exhaustive list, we can deal with many things:



Increased Determination
Energy Boost
Depressed Thoughts
Anxious Behaviour
Lack of Clarity
Self Doubt
Angry Behaviour Patterns
Negative Thinking Patterns
Family Upsets
Self Destructive Patterns
Lack of Sleep

General Well-Being
Hyper Sensitivity
Relationship Harmony
Grief / Loss
Patterns of Burnout
Mindset Shifts
Separation / Divorce
Confidence Boost
Stress Management

The Law of Attraction
Jealousy Patterns
Insecurity Patterns
Wealth Alignment
Belief In Self
Increasing Happiness
Healing a Broken Heart
Inviting Love Into Your Life
Loving Yourself
Fears & Phobias
Overcoming Abuse
Increasing Intuition

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