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Honouring our own boundaries comes in many forms. Its not all about asserting a boudnary to stop someone from doing something to us, although thats a part of it. Its also about honouring our personal boundaries so that we know where our boundaries are and where they ought to be. Its about treating ourselves with honouring behaviour and not overstepping the line with ourselves and or with others. 

too many people see boundaries as a one way road where they are the victim of others. Its so much more complex than that, in order to even begin honouring any boundary whether its the way others are treating you, the way you are treating you or the way you are treating others requires awareness. 

We are responsible for sensing and reading where the healthy boundaries would be. We know its not okay to open a strangers garden gate and wander on into their garden or house univited so similarly we need to learn to acknowledge and sense where our own private sacred areas should be, and where that of others are... 

No one does anything to us that we dont allow them to do, our energetic imprint just needs some recognition of where the garden fence is in all respects and a gentle sensing of when you must stop yourself, stop another and honour when it begins to impede the way you are feeling... 

Its a skill, a practice and one thats much easier practiced with this formula.. Honouring boundaries can be learned! 

Honouring Boundaries

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