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Wholeness is our most desired state of being! Whether acknowledged or not its where we 'feel' most complete and healed. 

Bringing back to ourselves all the parts of us we decided were wrong, bad, unnaceptable, unloved and inadequate invites us to a greater whole. 

There was a positive intention behind every behaviour we have ever exhibited, we just require the awareness and clarity of what that has been and adapt to a new strategy or approach to address each current situation in our lives. 

This formula is to help you begin to reconcilate with all the parts of you that have been shunned, separated from or disowned.

What if all parts of you were all lovable? The behaviours and the soul are separate, its time to see that all parts of you are lovable and all behaviour despite its deep down positive intention can be changed to a more healthy and appropriate response in the now. 

Great for restoring vitality, uplifiting the soul and moving to new states of greater consciousness


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